Sarahah: A customer listening tool?

By Joy Muruku

Think of the number of times you have wanted to say something to a colleague, friend or family but haven’t had the audacity to do so. Should you have the chance to express yourself with zero chance of being identified, wouldn’t you take it? Forget Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat- welcome to the latest social messaging tool, Sarahah- an app that allows users to send “honest” messages of what they think of each other anonymously. By simply creating an account and sharing the link on your social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter) you are able to receive messages on what your friends and followers think of you. However, be warned of the capricious nature of the app as messages will leave you stewing in a mix of emotions- they will range from constructive ones as the app developer initially intended to downright offensive and disturbing messages.

Sarahah very will fits into the corporate setting as it does in the social sphere. Customers are likely to commend you for your product/service and will at the same time not shy away from expressing their displeasure with you.  Whether messages received are positive or negative, the bottom-line is that adopting Sarahah as a communication tool is an opportunity for you to gauge your customers’ satisfaction and opinion about your brand. Given its ability to bring together information from multiple social networks and its voluntary use by users, Sarahah may very well be the go to customer feedback tool of the modern age. Why not maximize on its growing popularity?


More about Sarahah


  • Google Play store describes Sarahah as an app that helps people develop themselves by receiving constructive anonymous feedback
  • Sarahah is an Arabic word meaning ‘honesty’
  • Developed by a Saudi Arabian, the app has quickly grown popular with over 300 million users and was among the most downloaded apps on Apple App Store in July
  • Sarahah is available for Android and iOS users


How to use Sarahah


  • Download the app from Google Play store or Apple App Store; alternatively, sign up an account on the Sarahah Website
  • Follow the standard procedure in creating an account- username, name, email and set up your password
  • After logging in, share your Sarahah link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other social network
  • Anyone with the link will be able to send you a “constructive” message