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Did Big Data Predict the Kenya Elections? The correlation between online searches and offline behaviour

By William Dekker The Kenya General Election 2017 provided an opportunity to demonstrate that technology – in the prospect of big data – can be used to harness events in the human brain so as to make real life predictions. By the simplest definit

Sarahah: A customer listening tool?

By Joy Muruku Think of the number of times you have wanted to say something to a colleague, friend or family but haven’t had the audacity to do so. Should you have the chance to express yourself with zero chance of being identified, wouldn’t you

Why your organization needs a social media strategy – now!

By William Dekker If you threw a stone in the air today, the highest chances are that it would fall on a “Digital Marketer” or a “Social Media Influencer”. No pun intended, this is the average profile of the modern 21 – 28 year old young  

Rethinking Media Strategy

By Joy Muruku Impact Africa’s approach to communication strategy is strongly founded on research. As such, various forms of studies among them analysis of media content forms a critical part of all our assignments. On several occasions, my colleagu

Does your job feel like love?

By Vallerie Khamati Have you ever encountered someone who is just great at what they do? And you wondered why they didn’t work for, or with you? Well, I met the complete opposite kind, a few weeks ago. It was the most unpleasant experience I had ha

Setting the foundation for your PR ROI measurement

By Joy Muruku For the past several decades, press clippings, newspaper readership and circulation amongst other measures were an adequate demonstration of the value of Public Relations. The recent years however, have seen economies crumble and recupe