Does your job feel like love?

By Vallerie Khamati

Have you ever encountered someone who is just great at what they do? And you wondered why they didn’t work for, or with you?

Well, I met the complete opposite kind, a few weeks ago. It was the most unpleasant experience I had had in a while. For a week or so, I was deep in thought wondering how such behaviour is possible; and the person still holds that job!

This thought was further stirred by a conversation with a good old friend visiting from Canada. I prompted the question: How did you know this was your calling? She is a pastor, by the way- one of the most genuine people I know. Her response left a mark on my mind and heart. Immediately she said it, I understood EVERYTHNG. We sat silent in that eureka moment and just sighed at the muscle of that one retort. As a matter of fact, she helped me find words to an explanation I could not for the longest time articulate.

“Your calling should feel like love.”

Don’t get it wrong

You see, love is like an ocean

Today, a beautiful song

Tomorrow a choice only for the strong

Whatever the weather, love gives you the resolve to keep going, to keep getting better, to try a little harder.

If it feels like love, you always want to get it right, but are confident that if you don’t, there is a chance to redeem yourself.

It’s like you know it can never really end, no matter how terribly you flop.

Feelings don’t die, they only grow in either of two extremes: Increased admiration or increased contempt. To which extreme does your feeling towards your current job/work/status lean?

I ask this, cognizant of the fact that love feels different for everyone; it is a beautiful thing all the same. One who may never have experienced love, knows they are missing out on something special – it feels empty in a way that words can’t quite capture.

I’ll stop here for now and let you answer that question for yourself – Does it feel like love?


Vallerie is a passionate PR and Communications expert  who places emphasis on excellence and enjoyment while at work. Her previous work experience from South Africa, Zambia and South Sudan gives her an expanded perspective on work & industry panorama. To reach Vallerie, email: