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Impact Africa Limited provides the full spectrum of strategic public relations and communication expertise you need to succeed and grow.

Created in 2010, we are a limited liability company based in Nairobi, Kenya, serving a wide cross-section of clients within Eastern Africa and beyond. Our clients include corporations, trade associations, international organisations, not-for-profits, civil society organisations, government agencies and individuals.

Impact Africa specializes in developing and implementing communication and public relations strategies that are underpinned by rigorous research. Because we believe that each one of our clients is unique, every strategy we develop is customised to their specific needs. Our goal is not to meet but to exceed expectations.

Most exciting is the fact that we are constantly learning. We are a team that dares to go beyond ourselves to embrace new ways to improve on our offering. We look forward to working with you.



Ms. Kentice Tikolo

Managing Director, Impact Africa

Why Impact Africa

Impact Africa doesn’t guess at the best approach. We work with you to see just what you need. We do the homework to determine what will work. And we get your goals achieved. Give us a call. You’ll see the difference.

Because of Who We Are

Impact Africa is a team of top communications professionals with a wealth of expertise in all aspects of strategic PR and communication, branding and collateral communications. We supplement our core team with outstanding colleagues as needed.

Because of How We Work

We understand that Communication makes or breaks ideas, products, programs and careers. So it’s vital to get it right! The best way to get it right is through the unique approach we give to every task.

Because of our Approach

Impact Africa doesn’t guess at the best approach. We work with you to see just what you need. We do the homework to determine what will work. And we get your goals achieved. Give us a call. You’ll see the difference.

Our Services

Expertise. Creativity. Reliability.

Strategic PR & Communications

You want something to happen, but how do you get the right people to listen and act? Who do you want to influence today?

Strategic PR & Communications

Knowing exactly WHO you want to do WHAT is the first step in achieving your goals. Impact Africa does the research and guides you through the strategy– so you’re not just sending out messages and “hoping” they’ll reach the right people.

Digital Media Management

Want to grow your brand in all spheres of the digital age? Need expertise for Digital Campaigns, Mobile, Web and Social Media?

Digital Media Management

We believe in the power of digital communications to grow brands and amplifying voices to influence decision making. We architect and implement the perfect Digital Media Strategies to existing business activity enabling businesses and organizations grow through new digital capabilities.

Media Relations

Here’s the number one myth about media: If you hold a media conference on your great results, everyone will cover it.

Media Relations

Here’s the number one reality about media: You have to develop the right relationships, spokespeople, messages, and materials to get noticed. We’ll guide you through this tough and risky realm so your ideas get the attention they deserve.

Event Management

You want a memorable, worry free, professionally managed dynamic event? Do you want it to be impactful? Do want it to be that event that everybody takes about?

Event Management

We conceptualize events with the best fitting strategy, take care of logistics, event design, guests participants, media coverage etc. we come in to ensure that the pressure of preparation is minimized and managed by our able team and professional facilitators.

Research and M&E

Do you want to make effective and strategic decision? The first step towards this is discovery, interpretation and analysis of information so to enhance human knowledge.

Research and M&E

Our work is grounded in strategic research – which may include stakeholder and influence mapping, focus groups, surveys, interviews, client communication audits, media audits-to develop a profound understanding of the actors and issues on the ground.

Branding & Design

Do you want to create a brand so strong that it’s the obvious choice for your target stakeholders and customers? Do you want a professional appearance builds credibility and trust?

Branding & Design

Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. We'll work with you to craft a your secret weapon for visual identity, marketing and communications.

Capacity Building

Do you want to develop and strengthen the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that you or your organization and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world?

Capacity Building

Impact Africa specializes in capacity-building-particularly training and coaching of clients and stakeholders in communications strategy, media relations, advocacy, presentations, publications, and proposal writing, public image and personal and corporate branding.

Association Management

New in the Kenya business landscape? Are you in need of the right speciality to provide stress-free association management services? Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, we've got you covered.

Association Management

We shall provide it all; executive, administrative and financial management; strategic planning; membership development; public affairs and lobbying; education and professional development; statistical research; meetings management; and marketing and communication services.


What our clients say

Who do you want to influence today?

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